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bigh's Reward Points: 48

Points When What Where
0 Added Argument tell me please.
0 Created Debate tell me please.
0 Created Debate qustions
0 Added Argument smart
0 Created Debate smart
0 Added Argument question
0 Created Debate question
1 Added Argument grown and young relaships
5 Created Debate grown and young relaships
1 Added Argument pokemon
1 Added Argument some one explain
4 Created Debate pokemon
5 Created Debate some one explain
1 Added Argument Does God exist? (Opposite day)
1 Added Argument Are Christians anti-semitic?
0 Added Argument my rat
1 Added Argument should dating in school be bannded
2 Added Argument smoking
0 Created Debate my rat
5 Created Debate should dating in school be bannded
5 Created Debate smoking
10 Added Argument jesus the mesua
5 Created Debate jesus the mesua
1 Added Argument Do rats make good pets?!?

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